Eyes on the prize…. How to win at Shopping for a Cause.

Shoppers can “win” several different ways: direct donations to the Club, Team Spirit and $$$ spent in stores, to name a few. Categories have prizes (we mean FAH-BULOUS prizes) for individuals and teams.

Heart Award (donations)

  1. Top Individual donor wins!!!
  2. Top team donor wins!!!


Team Spirit

  1. Participating Stores vote on shopping teams based on costumes and overall team spirit. Top two teams win!!!


$$$$ Shoppers receive a scorecard at Tee Time (1 per team). Each team keeps track of individual and team scores on the same scorecard and turn it in at the 19th Hole Party. Winners will be announced at the end of the 19th Hole Party. 

Individual Scoring – How we calculate your score:

  1.  Earn points by purchasing from our participating stores…    $1 = 1 point (example… $25= 25 points)
  2. Double points for purchases from our Pro-Circuit stores…     $1 = 2 points (example… $25= 50 points)
  3.  *PLUS* Receive 100 points extra for each store where purchases are made (more stores = more points!).
  4.  Individuals with the top three highest scores win!!!


Team Scoring – How we calculate your team score:

  1. Total Individual points from each team member
  2. Divide the total by the number on the team
  3. Teams with the top three highest scores win!!!


Prizes are also awarded for “Closest to the Pin” (individual living closest to the Club) “Farthest from the Hole” (individual living farthest from the Club) and Recruiter Extraordinaire (person recruiting the most teams).